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It’s time to Surrender Yourself

NOISJ-65 Carnage & Cluster – Surrender Yourself
You may ask „Why 65? Weren’t we at label number 83 already?“ – well, the intermediate numbers ending on -5 are reserved to the veteran founders of, and sometimes producing just takes its time.
“Surrender Yourself” contains two cuts, very much chips off the same block, hypercharged with fierce noise, raw like sushi and as industrial as it gets. That said, Carnage & Cluster take the crude aesthetics of their Black Fever release “Yesteryear Venture” to its extreme. In both tracks, “Endorphin” and “Triskelion” the rabble-rousing, clamoring intro is followed by the rhythmic onslaught of deadly kicks. Surrender yourself, resistance is futile!

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ISR Radio

L-3276-1271345072.jpegThe date is set! On 25 April we are a guest on Industrial Strength Radio.
Check out the >>facebook page< < for more info

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Dark Like Hell Podcast

DLHP002 A little while ago we did a podcast for our friends of Dark Like Hell, including a mini interview. Click “Read More”, to read the entire interview or click here to listen to the music.

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Carnage & Cluster – WTF, It’s Super Awesome Big Fat Huge Mix #4 Y’all

Carnage & Cluster - WTF, It's Super Awesome Big Fat Huge Mix #4 Y'all We just uploaded our newest Super Awesome Big Fat Huge Mix. #4 already. It’s been quite a while and we figured it was time for another one again. This time we had our focus a little more on tracks that were featured on the Thunderdome series at one point. Well, at least, that’s what the plan was :). Just check it and see how it turned out in the end.

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Industrial Strength Radio

L-3276-1271345072.jpeg We just finished our mix for Industrial Strength Radio which will air somewhere at the end of April. We’ll give you the exact date as soon as we have it.
Due to some stupid mistake of me (Carnage) we completely forgot to add tracks of the new Battle Audio release. Stupid stupid stupid. But still it’s pretty cool I think.
We’ll have some more radio appearances coming up where we will play a lot of the new tracks too!!

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