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Releases are added

Pretty much every release, co-op, track or remix is added to the site.
We’ve done more releases than we thought :) Pretty cool!!
Go check out the releases section and listen to it all, enjoy!!

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New site online

Welcome to the new site of Carnage & Cluster.
We are still in the process of building and adding stuff, but for now we have a few things available already.

26 January 2016 Updates Read more

New site for our Bookings Agency; CVM Bookings

3-2-1-ZERO: Monday 11th January, 8pm CET, the new and fully functional CEMON VICTA MUSIC website is launched as we speak. Go and find all of our labels, all releases, info on artists and booking and news regarding anything CVM-related.

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New release at Black Fever Recordings

BFR006BFR006 Carnage & Cluster – The Yesteryear Venture flagship Carnage & Cluster provides the „Yesteryear Venture“ – a nostalgia-tinged exercise in using as little as necessary to maximum effect, or possibly the reconstruction of how darkcore would have sounded before the genre was invented.
“Altered Dimensions” is truly back to the roots, raging ultra-aggressive kicks against a wall of hiss; “MNML NDS3L” ventures into rumbling bass sounds and feels comfortable in an industrial techno set; the also cryptically titled “Noi_sj-04” picks up the aggression and adds abrasive sounds reminiscent of classic Subhead tunes; and “Prophecy” is the most outright hardcore track among the pack, ultimately driving. Totally trademark Carnage & Cluster, with a confident tongue-in-cheek attitude, follow their „Yesteryear Venture“!

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Side project “Underdoggz” At Black Fever Recordings

BFR001 Underdoggz – The Big Blow BFR001
Introducing the Black Fever label, evil twin to the well established Red Fever, purveyor of many a dance floor favorite, this will be about the dark side of hardcore, the true darkcore. The „Underdoggz“ are actually two regulars to the underground, Carnage and Deester. „Hit ‘n Run (Love ‘n Respect For Promo)“ – the dedication somewhat gives away the sound that crashes in on you, 150bpm kicks and highpitched madness. „The Big Blow“ is even faster, yet with more intermissions and unsettling vocal samples. Clearly: That baby is launched proper!

5 May 2015 Releases Read more

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