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Night Of Raging Audio Destruction

YES! A new Night Of Raging Audio Destruction (or short N.O.R.A.D) is upon us!
We have listened to you and used your answers of the survey you all took massively.
Your top choices were The Outside Agency and DJ Hidden vs. Eye-D, so we booked them and their 2 awesome aliases Semiomime (DJ Hidden) and Ghost In The Machine (Eye-D + Emission, who is 50% of Mindustries). And let’s not forget the awesome Dutch debut of Mystification, the drum ‘n bass/crossbreed legend from Hungary. The dude has released some massive tracks on the biggest underground labels around like Hardline Rekordingz, Manticore Recordings, Cheeze Graterz (Underground Music), Hell’s Basement and of course Black Hoe Recordings. This year he released a, very well received, huge album om LTD! And back from Sweden, our very own Starving Insect, who deserved a spot after his groundbreaking album “The Great Nothing” which came out earlier this year on Dark. Descent.
Make sure to check out the rest of the line-up as well.
For the full line-up tickets and other info, please check out the eventpage.

Area 1 N.O.R.A.D
23:00 Xylonite
00:00 Mystification
01:00 DJ Hidden & Eye-D
02:00 Stolen Cult
03:00 Vague Entity
04:00 The Outside Agency
06:00 Carnage & Cluster vs. s’Aphira
Hosted by MC Jensen

Area 2 Into The Dark Lands
23:00 Semiomime
00:00 Electronic Mind Expansion
01:00 Starving Insect
02:30 Ghost In The Machine
03:30 Sidephex
03:30 The Relic
06:00 Innovative
Hosted by Emma Susanne

There will be a big merchandise stand available at the event!!

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