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Dark Like Hell Podcast

DLHP002 A little while ago we did a podcast for our friends of Dark Like Hell, including a mini interview. Click “Read More”, to read the entire interview or click here to listen to the music.

1. Were you involved in other scenes before the electronic scene?

Well, not really. We were quite young when we started listening to hardcore. Too young to be attached to a certain scene. Paul (Carnage) did listen to a lot of house and some hip hop at that time. Bennie (Cluster) listened to pop music and also a lot of house. Those Turn Up The Bass tapes/CD’s were awesome. We used to listen a lot to Todd Terry, Tony Scott, Technotronic, De La Soul and more of those kind of artists.
Untill we discovered Thunderdome. Then it all changed very fast. We were hooked right away and it never stopped for us.

2. How did you find hardcore techno and how long have you been a part of the hardcore scene?

Paul discovered Thunderdome through his cousin. He had this big collection of the first hardcore CD’s from all over the world. And he copied all this music to tapes and gave them to Paul. When Thunderdome VII came out, Paul got it as a present from his parents for his birthday and ever since he bought every CD when it came out. Later on there were also the other series like Hellraiser and Earthquake, and of course vinyl. Pretty much the same goes for Bennie. After discovering it through friends he also listened to everything he could get his hands on. Paul and Bennie shared most CD’s and tapes from that moment on.

3. From where do you take your influences (other artists, other musical styles, etc)?

Since we are both into a lot of different music styles, we get our influences from all these styles as well. Paul is doing most of the production, so his influence is strongest. His main influence will always be Pink Floyd. The free spirit and open minded sound of their music has always been appealing to Paul. First there was the brilliant but twisted mind of Syd Barrett and his psychedelic experiments, and later on Roger Waters took over and is responsible for some of the best albums in music history. A lot of titles of our tracks are based on albums or tracks of Pink Floyd. Paul also uses a lot of samples from their music. Another big influence is Steven Wilson and his Porcupïne Tree. Another brilliant mastermind and without a doubt one of the best musicians and writers ever.
Sometimes we take elements from old disco songs, like we did with Foxy – Get Off. We used a part of that song for our track Go Funk Yourself. And it’s also cool to use some hardrock or metal in our music. The short riff we used from AC/DC’s Back In Black seemed to work perfectly in our track Noi_sj-01.

4. In your studio: Are you hardware based? Use strictly VST instruments, effects? Mix of both?

We are completely software based. We used to have some equipment, but we sold it all, as VST’s and other software is getting better and better. And because we don’t have the time and interest to spend days and days in the studio learning about hardware we decided to go completely digital. We still have a few little machines for Ableton, but that’s about it. We are thinking of some sort of live performance, so those machines can be useful. But we’re not sure about that.
5. What labels have you released with?

We have released on several labels.
– Zero Tolerance
– Industrial Strength Records
– Speed Of Sound Recordings
– Dark. Descent.
– Dark Like Hell
– Hard Kryptic
– Important Corestyle
– GGM Digital
– The Devil’s Rejects
– Digital Plague
– Dead Souls Audio
– Antistatic
– Death By Hardcore
– Digidance
We did 1 full release and a few compilation appearances on Dark Like Hell. Also our new techno project Fear Effect had its first release here.
Dark Like Hell is one of the few labels we really enjoy working with, so we are now working on a new full release again

Tracklist :

01. Sound Abuse – The Edge
02. Nosferatu – The Underground Stream
03. Wavolizer – Democracy
04. Virus – Evil Is Among Thee
05. The Mover & Rave Creator – Atmos-Fear
06. Negative A – White Fluids Of DNA
07. SPL – Elbow Deep
08. Akira – The Short Attention Span
09. Ophidian & Tapage – Head VI
10. Stormtrooper & Synaptic Memories – A Thousand Terrible Things (Part 1)
11. Ferox – Fear
12. Mainframe & MC Whiplash – Nightmare Therapy
13. Viljo Halla – Terho T‰hti
14. MadElephant – Dark Industrial
15. Sei2ure – Heatsink
16. Mono-Amine – Pandarve
17. Bloodcage – Strangle And Mutilate

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