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Mastering Service

In co-operation with we offer a mastering service.

Here’s the detailed info and pricing of the service. If you have questions, please contact

Currently we only accept PayPal payments.

Pricing (ex. VAT):

  • Mixing: 2 euro per (stereo/mono) channel
  • Mastering: 10 euro per song
  • Stem mastering: 10 euro + 2 euro per (stereo/mono) channel
  • Receive individual channels: + 1 euro per (stereo/mono) channel

A 16 bit 44.1 khz stereo master wavefile will be delivered at completion. 24 bit quality can be requested. Individual channels are delivered in 24 bit at 44.1 khz.

For mixing/stem mastering we suggest to render these sounds grouped on an individual channel:

  • bassdrum(s) and bassdrum effects
  • vocalsamples
  • sound effects (risers/downers, atmosphere)
  • multilayered synths (one channel per melody line, even if it consists of multiple synths)
  • send effect channels per effect (reverb/echo/delay)

For delivery to our mastering engineer, keep the following specifications in mind:

  • Be sure to remove all dynamics processors, especially on the masterbus.
  • Bounce your mix or individual channels preferable in 24 bit (or higher) at 44.1 khz wavefile quality.
  • Do not bounce to mp3 files or any other datacompressed format.
  • Use short and simple filenames without version numbers (e.g. “CAT001 01 DJ Lmfoa – Da lolzsong”).
  • Make sure your mix or individual channels are not digitally clipping, even if distorted on purpose.
  • Render your audiofiles with some space before the first sound and enough space at the end for reverbtails.
  • Do not use dithering, this will be taken care of during mastering.
  • Double check your audiofiles for errors or glitches before sending them to our mastering engineer
  • Please include your own mastermix or other audiofile as a reference.
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