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.NL003 by Speakerdeamon can be pre-ordered too!

.NL003 by Speakerdeamon can be pre-ordered too!

The pre-order of .NL003 by Speakerdeamon is available now!
Speakerdeamon time – the only release in the reboot series that carries a title, and doesn’t that just say it all? But of course we’ll let you know what to expect: Dystopian doomcore with subtle acid bleeps and a truly irresistible groove on “Dying Species”, and the marriage of a solemn melody with sturdy darkcore kicks on “Set it straight”. Really, it might just not all be hyperbole, Speakerdeamon does indeed provide some class darkness!

.NL003 Speakerdeamon
1. Dying Species
2. Set It Straight

Releasedate is 15 December!

7 November 2016 Releases