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cropped-LOGO-NSJ-RBT-1.jpgNSJ RBT// is the new music department of Noisj. After the reboot in the autumn of 2016. The reboot pretty much meant the end of all labels that were active under the Noisj flag, and the birth of 3 new labels;

  • NSJ RBT// .NL
  • We’re setting higher standards and raise the bar from now on.
    Of course there’s always a matter of taste involved. But the crew behind Noisj does a constant quality check and we keep each other sharper than ever.

    NSJ RBT// .NL
    .NL stands for Next Level.
    The industrial department. This label will release mainly industrial hardcore and some experimental stuff. Both slow and fast(er) is possible. Pretty much anything is possible.

    .FCKD stands for Fucked.
    The terror, speedcore, breakcore and other noisy-as-hell-style-you-can-imagine department. This is all about extremes. Exploring boundaries and pushing both producer/dj and listener to the max. We started doing so with Speed Of Sound Recordings. With .FCKD we’re taking it all a bit further!

    .UNLTD stands for Unlimited.
    The crossbreed department.
    Where LTD started out as a joke, this is serious business. Drum & Bass influenced hardcore has become a solid genre within the hardcore scene. We gladly give The Outside Agency all credits for coming up with the name of the genre, and we all know they were the ones to define and set the standard for the Crossbreed sound. We at Noisj have explored the sound with the LTD label, and now it’s time to take this to the next level as well.