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Our very first release at our own label

USR009 USR009 Carnage – True Romance EP
After 8 releases on my label Underground Society, we’re rebooting the label in a new co-operation with DJ Niel, as a part of Zero Tolerance. We decided on a new look of the releases. The vinyls will be colored in a white sleeve with a sticker on it. We like to give it somewhat of an minimal look, but the music will be anything except minimal!
For this first release (yeah we know Drokz was sooner, but let’s ignore this for the sake of this story :p) we have 4 tracks including 2 co-ops with Tymon and Tieum. Two of the most interesting artists at this moment. We hope you’ll enjoy! And keep an eye on our next USR, which is being finalized at this moment

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E-Noid in the remix

About a month ago Carnage had a chat with E-Noid about his great track Heavy Hitter. Carnage remarked that Erik didn’t really make good use of the musical box break in the track, so of course he had a big mouth again, and told E-Noid he would use it differently. E-Noid laughed about this and challenged Carnage to remix it, with proper use of the musical box. So after working on a remix for 3 weeks, DJ Niel decided to step in, and team up, because the remix was going nowhere. But finally we finished it, and DNA Tracks gave us permission to release it on our upcoming sampler on Zero Tolerance! And they were so nice to put the track on the upcoming Hardcore Gladiators double CD compilation.
FYI… we also did not use the musical box for anything other than a break :p 0-1 for E-Noid lol

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Nature freakin’ One, here we come!!

Woohooooo… Today we received the bookings request for both Carnage and DJ Niel to play at the Thunderdome stage on Nature One!!!! This is awesome!

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Finally it is out!! Z-T002 Caged Fury

ZT002 Z-T002 Carnage – Caged Fury
After a delay of almost 2 years, our debut release is finally out. Well, our debut release as Carnage (& Skully), but please let’s forget about the terrible HSC crap we released as a joke a few years back. Caged Fury (Part 1) is a track which is getting played for quite some time now. We are pleased to reveal to you it has finally been released.
A big shout out to Husz for capturing the essence of the track in his magnificent artwork!! Excellent job amigo!!

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Thunderdome 2005-1

R-555363-1264846431 I just received a copy of the brand new THUNDERDOME compilation, why is this interesting, you ask? Well… The most important and best known hardcore compilation all around the world and I had the honour of compiling it together with DJ Manga!!!! Man…How awesome is this?? It was a pretty hard job, considering the extremely limited amount of tracks we could choose from, but we did what we could… (click read more for tracklist)

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