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Retrospect: Noisj in 70 tracks megamix

Carnage & Cluster - Noisj In 70 Tracks (Sort Of Megamix)A little under a year ago Carnage & Cluster did a megamix filled with tracks that were released under Noisj. Tracks taken from the labels that were releasing under our wing at that time, labels like USR LTD Zero Tolerance Dark. Descent. Traumatic Dream Machine Spirit of Progress and Red Fever Recordings. The mix is free to download! Enjoy :)

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.NL002 out now!

.NL002 regular Razor Edge joins the reboot: The notorious hardcore oddball from Toronto contributes two tracks that are hard to be pigeonholed, dominated by that heart-warming, abrasive and distorted bass sound. In “Coremando” it’s already halfway into the track before a kick like a wrecking ball sets in and promises to destroy everything in its way, while “Underneath that Facade” unashamedly dissects gabber sounds, tongue-in-cheek retro.

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Releases for October are online!

cropped-LOGO-NSJ-RBT-1.jpgWe just added the next three releases to the site. They all are going to be released in October.
.UNLTD002 Experimental Chemistry
.NL002 Razor Edge
.FCKD002 Hellcreator
We are back in full force again… Reboot complete! Updates have been installed.

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