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Pre-order .UNLTD003 by Strobcore!

Pre-order .UNLTD003 by Strobcore!

How about this for a nice Halloween treat.
The pre-order of .UNLTD003 by Strobcore is available now!
With a pedigree of releases on labels such as Tainted Audio, Enzyme Records, Industrial Strength Records and Nekrolog1k Recordings, Swiss producer Strobcore joins the Noisj reboot: Three tracks far from generic crossbreed style, rattling like an old rollercoaster and hyped up with an XXL measure of testosterone. And while “Say what again” and “808” are fast and fierce instigators of dance floor mayhem, “Hybrid Territories” brings in some unexpected rave flavors and midtempo kicks. Get that strobe light flashing!

.UNLTD003 Strobcore
1. Say What Again
2. 808
3. Hybrid Territories

Releasedate is 1 December!

31 October 2016 Releases